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On Last Call: Tohoku Summer Festivals 3 years ago
Traveling around Tohoku area this season is exciting. We can see all these festivals in a week. I didn't see it. How wonderful!
In Tanabata...
On Tagajo's Castle Remains 3 years ago
The sound of 'Tagajo'is beautiful, isn't it? I've just learned Old Japanese people loved this place. I'm not familiar with Haiku but I'd like...
On Spinners 3 years ago
Thank you for nice information. I don't like smell of smoking in a restaurant, either but I'm keen on falafel they serve.
On UN World Conference in Sendai 3 years ago
I saw many foreigners riding Date bikes during the conference. It took long hard time to get conclusion but they seemed to enjoy staying in...
On Halal Food at Kappou Yama 3 years ago
I lived near Kappou Yama nine months ago and I often go back. Unfortunetely I didn't know Kappo Yama. When I go back next time, I'll go there....