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A Temple Stroll in Shihei-machi

Roam a street of temples in Sendai

Why don't you enjoy a temple walk from Rinno-ji to Ryuun-in? Saunter through a beautiful Japanese garden in Rinno-ji then head to Ryuun-in in Shihei-machi, named for Hayashi Shihei who was born in 1738. He wrote a book in which he insisted the need of a navy. You'll see eight temples on the way to Ryuun-in. Each temple is slightly different. Finding the different points is fun. Also of interest is the toy and children's bookstore Yokota-ya. The storefront has an appearance of the old days where you can get information of the area and see unique toys. You could walk to Rinno-ji in about 10 minutes from Kita-Sendai Station (JR line or subway). Then use Ryuun-in -mae bus stop to return to Sendai Station.

Looking for another temple walk in Sendai? Check out Shindera Dori, Temple Road.

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