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On Eleven Things to See and Do in Izu 2 years ago
Izu is beautiful, mountains to your right and the sea to your left. Wish I had time to check out a few of these places.
On Fox Village in Zao 3 years ago
This seems like a very interesting place!
On Penguin Bar, Ikebukuro 3 years ago
Yeah they are very popular but penguins do not seem to be the best idea. The enclosure for the penguins is pretty small and there's nothing...
On Nogeyama Zoo in Yokohama 3 years ago
Yeah I thought the same thing, not sure where it gets funding but the animals are not in great conditions.
On Cai Guo-Qiang: Yokohama Art Museum 3 years ago
Surprisingly I've not heard of him before going to the exhibition but his work is amazing! check it out if you can