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Dahlia Garden at Mount Ryokami

A renowned dahlia flower festival in Saitama

Venue: Mt Ryokami Futomo Hana no Sato Dahlia Garden When: Early Sep - Early Nov 2023

Mt. Ryokami is a mountain in the Chichibu District of Saitama, and Mt. Ryokami Fumoto Hana no Sato is a flower garden sitting on the mountainside in the town of Ogano. They grow numerous varieties of dahlia here, including ones not easily seen elsewhere in Japan. There are 5000 dahlias in the 10,000 meter squared dahlia garden with 350 species of the flower on display.

The garden is open annually from September 1st to November 3rd. Please note that on days of heavy rain, the garden often closes. You can check for the most up-to-date information on the official site here. It is 400 yen for admission to the garden for anyone older than 15 years old.

Getting there

By public transport:

The garden is in a remote area of the Chichibu district. They normally have a shuttle bus that goes from Mitsumieguchi station on the Chicibu Railway line, but this year on account of the Coronavirus they are not offering that service. There is a public bus that goes from Seibu Chichibu station.

By car:

Free on-site parking is available.

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