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The Satte Sakura Festival 2025

Beautiful blossoms & atmosphere just outside Tokyo

Venue: Gongendo Park When: Late Mar - Early Apr 2025

Tokyo is one of the best places in Japan to enjoy the cherry blossom each spring, but there's no doubt that it can get very crowded. If you're looking for a good location outside of the city to enjoy hanami (a cherry blossom viewing picnic), look no further than the Satte Sakura Festival in Saitama Prefecture. Satte is about an hour and fifteen mintues by train from central Tokyo, though the actual festival is held at the spacious Gongendo Park, about 15 minutes by taxi from Satte Station. With such a reasonable travel time, it makes a perfect day trip to enjoy beautiful cherry blossom scenery and atmosphere without all the crowds.

The highlight of the Satte Sakura Festival is the 1km long row of cherry blossom trees. Roughly 1000 trees are planted on either side of a small hilltop path, so visitors can both walk and picnic beneath them. To add to the beauty of Satte's spring scenery, there are several large fields full of yellow rapeseed blossoms adjacent to the cherry blossoms. Combined with the hundreds of vendors selling delicious festival food and drink, there really is no better place to spend a day taking in the sights of spring.

Whether you're looking for good photos, a unique experience, or just for an afternoon's nap beneath the blossoms, the Satte Sakura Festival is a great place to explore. You won't regret adding this one to your spring travel itinerary!

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Febry Fawzi 7 years ago
Woow.. don't expect there's something to see in Satte. I've been stayed there couple days while visiting Japan, and it seems empty city. But now I know, there's a reason to go and to explore around.
Leslie Taylor Author 7 years ago
Saitama isn't normally where I'd think to go for beauty like this either, but this festival is incredible!
Victoria Vlisides 7 years ago
Would love to go here!
Leslie Taylor Author 7 years ago
Hope you can - my family loves going there each year for hanami :)
Preethu 7 years ago
Beautiful pictures!
Leslie Taylor Author 7 years ago
Thank you! :)

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