The World of Hina in a Period House

The annual dolls display at Toyama Memorial Museum

Feb 6th
Feb 14th
Venue: Toyama Memorial Museum When: Feb 6th - Feb 14th 2021, 10:00am - 4:30pm
While this event is confirmed, coronavirus (COVID-19) measures may result in sudden cancellation, postponement or changes to the event format (eg online only). While we do our best to keep our listings updated, please check the official event website for the latest info.

"The World of Hina" is an annual hina dolls display in celebration of the Hina Matsuri, Dolls Festival at the Toyama Memorial Museum. Toyama Memorial Museum is a designated cultural property due to the history and artefacts within and for the aesthetics of the former home of Genichi Toyama, the founder of Nikko Securities.

Hina Matsuri is on March 3rd. However, most places display their dolls from early February to mid March. The display in the Toyama heritage home is the hina dolls set of the former residents. There is also a large "kura" (storehouse / warehouse) on the grounds that was converted into a museum. In this museum, there are even more Hina Dolls on display. None of the displays are particularly large, but if you are interested in having an uninhibited view into a former Japanese home and storehouse, Toyama is a good place to do it. Another advantage is that the place is rarely busy.

The displays generally go up from the first Saturday in February until the second Sunday in March. In 2021, the dates are from February 6th to March 14th.

Getting there

By public transport: The nearest bus stop is a 15 minute walk from the museum. Buses for the "Ushigayato bus stop" go from JR Okegawa Station and Kawagoe station. Please note they are very infrequent.

By car: the museum is about a five minute drive from the Kawajima Interchange of the Ken-o expressway.

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