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Aizu Sazaedo Temple
Unique double helix structure in Aizuwakamatsu
izu Sazaedo (会津さざえ堂) is a 16.5 meter high, three-storied, hexagonal Buddhist pagoda located in Aizu-wakamatsu.
Hasegawa Ramen
One of Kitakata's most popular shops
Hasegawa Ramen (はせ川 松山店) up in Fukushima's Kitakata region is one of the more popular ramen shops in the area, serving up local Kitakata style ramen in a variety of bowls.
Fukushima City Cat Cafe
Kawaii cats just a 5 minutes' walk from the station
Neko Cafe Aikyatto based in Sendai offers a second cat cafe in Fukukshima city inside MAX Fukushima mall.
Taiko in Shimogo
Traditional arts in Fukushima's Shimogo region
Shimogo's Okawa-Keiryu Taiko Preservation Society is a group of local Japanese taiko drummers, whose lively performances are well-received.
Japanese Dining in Fukushima City
'One stop' for lunch, sweets, shopping and more!
In Fukushima, enjoy a tasty Japanese meal at Kinu-no-sato, dine on delicious baumkuchen delicacies & shop for Japanese souvenirs.
Rainy Day at Fukushima's Jorakuen
A traditional garden hidden in the city
Jorakuen is a traditional Japanese garden in Fukushima City that was designed and built by a master gardener who worked in Kyoto for many years.
Hotel De Premiere on the Ski Slopes
Step out of the hotel and onto the slopes of Fukushima
Step out of the hotel and onto the slopes! Extend your stay at Hotel De Premiere in Fukushima and soak in their hot spring bath after a long day of snowboarding or skiing!
All-You-Can-Eat Strawberry Picking
Enjoy strawberries or a BBQ in Fukushima countryside
Pick your own fresh strawberries grown with ground coconut instead of soil in planters for easy access, and dip it into condensed milk! You can buy strawberries, but you better hurry because they usually sell out within an hour!
Authentic Pizza at Pizzeria Felice
Baked in a stone oven by someone who studied in Italy
An authentic Italian Pizzeria in Aizuwakamatsu City, run by someone who studied in Italy.
Decontamination Information Center
A record of the long road to recovery in Tohoku
The Decontamination Information Center helps viitors to understand how Fukushima has dedicated its effort to rebuilding itself after the Great East Japan earthquake of 2011.
Found: 92 results