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Buddha Hill in Makomanai, Sapporo
Be embraced by nature in a field of Lavender
Buddha Hill is a complex designed by the Pritzker-winner architect Tadao Ando in Makomanai Takino Cemetery near Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Jiyouken Ramen in Hakodate
Simple is best - shio ramen excellence in Hokkaido
Top notch shio ramen in Hakodate, Hokkaido.
Ginneko in Asahikawa
Grilled young chicken in Furarito Alley
Excellent grilled chicken in Asahikawa
European Architecture in Hakodate
Colourful Photos from the Motomachi District
One of Hakodate's most striking characteristics is its cosmopolitan nature, a result of an extensive relationship with the international community. One of the most striking manifestations of this cosmopolitan nature is the city's colourful architecture.
The garden of Asia
Furano, the paradise of flowers, is where you should go for your summer vacation in Japan.
Akan National Park: Hokkaido's Nature at its Best
Forest, lake and volcano at Hokkaido's National Park
Akan National Park is truly a wonder in all seasons. In winter the lake shines as the water freezes over and the ice-covered crater lake can be traversed in numerous ways.
Karurusu Onsen Winter Festival
Fun and games at Noboribetsu's Sanlaiva Ski Resort
The annual Karurusu Onsen Winter Festival in Hokkaido invites participants to play snow-related games and win prizes.
The God of the Marsh
The story of Japan's red-crowned crane
The “Red Crowns”, the “God of the Marsh”, or simply, the Japanese Crane. Visit the Kushiro Marshlands this spring or winter to enjoy their graceful beauty.
Asahikawa Winter Festival
World's best ice sculptures
The Asahikawa Winter Festival is a large scale winter festival in Hokkaido, occurring around the same time as Sapporo’s Snow Festival
Akkeshi Gourmet Park
The oyster town of Hokkaido
Akkeshi, coming from the word “Akkekeshi” (an Ainu word), means a place with lots of oysters, and hence, Akkeshi town, in eastern Hokkaido is well known for its oysters. As it lies halfway between Kushiro and Nemuro, Akkeshi is a good rest stop on a long drive between the two bigger cities. For oyster fans, Roadside Station Akkeshi Gourmet Park is a worthwhile and awesome place to visit. Located along Route 44 or a five minute drive from JR Akkeshi train station on the Nemuro main line, this Roadside Station is the only one in the area. Roadside Stations are government designated rest areas along highways and major roads. While providing places for resting, roadside stations are also intended to promote local trade and boost tourism.
Found: 387 results