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Hidden Backstreets of Osaka
Walk the backstreets of Osaka to find hidden secrets.
Go for a walk down the hidden streets of Osaka to get a taste of local communities.
A Round the World Trip to Osaka
Travel the world for the price of a subway ticket.
Take a trip around the world without the hassle of airports and hotels. A beautiful park in Osaka city provides the ultimate illusion with monuments from around the world.
Osaka Amazing Day Pass
The best way to go sightseeing in Osaka
Introducing the Osaka Amazing Day Pass to Help you make the most of seeing Osaka!
Time Bomb Records Osaka
Where genres come to mingle
In direct correlation to a city that seems to do as it feels the music scene is also varied and raw. Reflected in the many music shops in the Osaka area you will find Japanese and western versions rock, lo fi, psychedelic, noise, hardcore, 50's-90's and other cross genres that maybe new to your ear.
Le Coccole Cafe for Vegans
Osaka's inner city haven
The colourful and inviting exterior of Le Coccole immediately makes it feel like a cafe for the locals.
Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum
Going inside the birthplace of instant ramen
How did instant ramen become such a staple in the Japanese diet? Who created it and how? All your questions are answered as we go inside the a museum completely dedicated to instant ramen at Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum.
Kansai International Airport
Two fun adventures starting from Kansai's gateway
Three of Osaka's most fun and premier locals and how to get there from Kansai International Airport.
Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine
A shrine for couples in the heart of Osaka
A romantic shrine with a dark backstory, visited for blessings on relationships and fertility. For such a popular urban shrine, Ohatsu Tenjin is kept pristine and is a fascinating location for night photography.
Kemasakuranomiya Park
Catch the bug this summer
Kemasakuranomiya Park in Osaka is an ordinary park that blooms with extraordinary cherry blossoms in spring. In summer, visitors mostly consist of joggers or kids catching dragonflies and mud crabs.
Osaka's Second-Hand Clothing Stores
Diverge a little from mainstream shopping in Osaka
Osaka has quite an extensive collection of second-hand vintage and designer clothing stores, as well as Bohemian-inspired shops. One area in which these stores can be found is Amerika-mura, locally referred to as Amemura, meaning American Village.
Found: 421 results