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Nambar 10 Sports Bar
Fun for all the family
Is Nambar the best bar or pub in Osaka? Well that depends on your tastes. If you are after a good family friendly spot, a place that feels a bit like a cleaner version of your living room, this place ticks all the boxes.
Undiscovered Japan Top Tour Poll
A chance to win a trip for two by casting your vote
13 regions of Japan involved with the Undiscovered Japan initiative have submitted a 2 day 1 night tour that showcases the best of their area. Vote in the Undiscovered Japan Top Tour Poll 2017 for a chance to win a pair of tickets for your favorite tour.
Dining Tabi
A fusion of Makanai Ryori and French cuisine
Chef Tanaka is a licensed wine-sommelier who trained at the best restaurants before starting here. Consistent with the theme of Dining Tabi, he adopts the essence of “Makanai Ryori”. He offers inimitable cuisine with using seasonal ingredients and the best matching Sake.
Yasaka Shrine is a nice surprise, hidden in a busy metropolis like Osaka. It's an unusual shrine, maybe not easy to find without a map. The main attraction for visiting this Shrine is to see the face of the giant lion it hosts, a unique piece of architecture. The large statue, 12 meters tall, 7 meters wide and 7 meters wide, is believed to swallow malevolent spirits and attract good luck, especially for those looking to do well in school and business. Walking around the shrine you can find other small shrines, and little fox statues, associated with the kami Inari, who, in Shintoism, represents fertility, rice, success and agriculture.
Osaka Castle Gardens
A stroll around the symbol of Osaka
Osaka Castle was built more than 400 years ago, when the military commander Hideyoshi Toyotomi completed the military unification of the country. Toyotomi commenced the construction of the Castle in 1583, and it took two years to completed it. The life of the Castle has not been easy. In 1598 the statesman Tokugawa Ieyasu destroyed the Castle, which was soon rebuilt by Tokugawa clan, and 40 years later the castle tower was burned down. The current castle tower was rebuilt in 1931 thanks to donations of citizens. Major renovations were also carried out in 1995, to restore the castle tower to its former splendour.
Kuromon Market in Osaka
Fishy business going on here
Explore an Osaka market that's famous for variety of products sold. From fish to shoes to printed fabrics, you're sure to find something that interests you.
Skateboarding in Osaka - The Mint
Skaters, listen up!
The Mint Skateshop is one of the first core skateshops in Osaka. They have everything you need to skate!
A Guide to Osaka's Shotengai
Discovering the best marketplaces in Osaka
A Guide to Osaka's Shotengai - exploring the best places to buy food in Osaka
Visitors at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Families enjoying the sea animals
The photos of people and animals in Osaka Aquarium.
Stumbling Upon the Japan Mint
Exploring a museum dedicated to all things money
Going inside one of Osaka's most underrated and under visited museums - the Japan Mint.
Found: 428 results