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Arita Cafe & Gallery 'Saredo'
Local pottery, tasty food & more in Saga Prefecture

Located in the town of Arita, Saga Prefecture, Getou-an Saredo is a lovely cafe/gallery that offers a great selection of local pottery & other handmade products, in addition to tasty lunches and drinks. 

Carp Streamers in Rural Saga
Celebrating Children's Day at Yodohime Shrine
See carp streamers from below on a riverboat "cruise" in rural Saga.
Azaleas at Daikozen Temple
Beautiful blooms cover the temple grounds in spring
Over 50,000 azaleas bloom in late April and early May at Saga's Daikozen Temple.
A Spring Walk in Mitsuse
A short mountainside village nature hike
Spring flowers and new green shoots forth in this nature walk in the village of Mitsuse, near Fukuoka City. Video taken in early May.
Ochozu Falls Hiking Trail
Waterfalls, river crabs, and ferns along the stream
Nature seen along the easy hike to Ochozu Falls in rural Saga, Japan. Located on the outskirts of Tosu, it's an easy walk into nature for the whole family.
Yobuko Harbor
Squid boats and other floats
A walk through the scenic harbor of Yobuko in Saga, Japan. Photographs detail squid boats and other fishing gear in this port known for its seafood. 
The Stamp Rally takes place in Yoshinogari Historial Park every year in Saga Prefecture. International students learn about ancient Japan and practiced the Japanese language.
Nagoya Castle Museum (Saga)
Facing history: Japan & Korea
Next to, and caretaking the Nagoya Castle Ruins (Saga), this prefectural museum is dedicated to exchange and friendship between Japan and Korea.
Seaside Café Jammin’
Surf and reggae in Karatsu
Seaside surf and reggae cafe with great views and food on the north coast of Saga Prefecture.
Below Mikaeri Falls
Hydrangea Festival sights along the walk to the falls
Don't miss the gardens between the parking lot and waterfall, even on a rainy day. Many of the flowers are along the riverbank, and there are shops and restaurants worth visiting.
Found: 85 results