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A Walk to the Tsuzura Castle Ruins
Late spring scenes in a village of Saga
A walk to the Tsuzura Castle Ruins in spring takes you past wheat fields, flowers, and small wildlife
Yamanaka Campground in Macro
Closeup views of a simple village campsite
Yamanaka Campground in Mitsuse, Saga, lies at the foot of Mt. Kana. Macro views of nature in spring you'll see while camping here.
Kiyomizu Bamboo Light Festival
Illumination in Autumn
Each November, Kiyomizu Waterfall in Ogi City is lit up by thousands of bamboo lanterns transforming nights here into an otherworldly realm.
Mountain Gardens of Daikozen Temple
Stunning foliage in Saga prefecture
Daikozen-ji, a 1300-year-old temple in Saga, is a favorite of Buddhist pilgrims. The mountainside garden draws even greater crowds with its fantastic fall foliage.
Daikozen Temple
Saga's top mountain temple for maple leaves
Mountaintop temple Daikozen-ji rewards visitors with one of Saga prefectures best autumn foliage.
The Grounds of Kunenan
What to see while you wait to tour the garden
Kunenan's notorious entry policy just means you can enjoy the beauty of Saga prefecture while you wait.
Ryūzōji Hachiman Shrine in Saga
Devotion to the patron deity of warriors
The Ryūzōji Hachiman Shrine in Saga is one of thousands in Japan devoted to this patron deity of archery and war.
Port of Yobuko
A seafarin', squid-lovin' town
Yobuko, a small fishing town, is famous for seafood, local cruises, the Morning Market and its beautiful harbor.
Hydrangeas at Mikaeri Falls
Karatsu’s ajisai wonderland
Visit Mikaeri Falls, one of Japan's top 100, during June for the Hydrangea Festival to see a lush valley covered in blooms.
Arita Station
A charming train station in a traditional pottery town
I was traveling by train to Imari, and Arita station was part of my itinerary, where I had to change to a local train to finally reach Imari. I had to wait some time for the next train and I thought it was going to be boring. However, it was not! Arita is a beautiful station located in a small town in Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, popular in Japan for its pottery known as Arita-Yaki. This station is quite cozy; I loved the nice and comfortable wooden benches in the waiting room. There are also few shops where you can buy some food or porcelain souvenirs from Arita. However, what caught my attention the most was the architecture of this station. It has an awesome and very impressive dome, which makes this small building a special place.
Found: 85 results