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On Minoh Beer Warehouse 2 months ago
Yes, their story is ideed fantastic. I wish my dad bought me one too!
On Sakai Knife in the Making a year ago
I found this article interesting and is was one of the reason why I went to Sakai. However, I feel that it is somehow deceptive. The address...
On Cost of Living in Japan a year ago
I think that it's interesting. I do not think that Japan is fundamentally more expensive than other country. It's also a question of lifestyle....
On Gassho-style Houses in Shirakawa-go a year ago
What is also nice is that you can stay at one of these old houses for the night. A truly unique experience.
On Narita Express vs Skyliner 2 years ago
Used the Keisei Sky Access once, all the other time I used the train to/from Narita, I used the Keisei line, longer, but cheaper. Well, my first...