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Kobe Ohashi 7

Kobe Ohashi

Manish Prabhune

Kobe Ohashi (o-hashi means bridge in Japanese) connects the mainland to Port Island, a reclaimed land structure which finally connects to Kobe Airport.

Mint Kobe 7

Mint Kobe

Erika Clark

Mint Kobe is a trendy building located in Sannomiya, Kobe. The building offers great dining, fashion, and a movie theatre on the top floor.

Piazza Kobe 8

Piazza Kobe

Erika Clark

Piazza Kobe is a walkway going from Sannomiya to Motomachi. It is packed with a variety of stores and is a fun passageway to your next destination.

Cafe Kobe

Cafe Kobe

Laura Welch

Professional, sophisticated, delicious. All perfect words to describe this tiny cafe, an oasis of calm in the bustle of Sannomiya...

Hyogo 1
Kobe Muslim Mosque

Kobe Muslim Mosque

Komal Khiani

Kobe Muslim mosque is the first mosque built in Japan and has survived the Second World War as well as the Great Hanshin earthquake.

Hyogo 3
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