Harbourland Kobe

A shopping district with a European aesthetic

By John Carter    - 1 min read

When staying at Hotel Crown Palais Kobe of if you are just visiting the city then Harborland (or Harbourland) is the place to go for all your shopping and dining needs. Built on the former site of a Japanese National Railways freight depot in 1992, this more recently developed shopping district gives the city an aura much different from it’s Kansai neighbors. With a primarily European design you might even forget you’re in Japan. Located in Kobe’s port, enjoying some retail therapy or a bite to eat with a Pacific sea breeze in the air is what makes this area of the city a great place to spend the day. Mosaic is the main host of restaurants in the district and closet to the harbor. With a huge selection of various cuisines available you may just find yourself stuck for choice. Harborland also has its own Ferris wheel as well as the Kobe port tower so getting a great vantage point over the city and surrounding mountains couldn't be easier.

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