Donguri Garden

A little store of Ghibli

By Erika Clark    - 1 min read

Walking through Mosaic in Kobe Harborland, I discovered a store called Donguri Garden (Acorn Garden). The cute, little store was full of Totoro and many other Ghibli characters. It had everything from stuffed characters to pencils, finger puppets, figurines and more. It's definitely the place to feed your love for Ghibli. There was a big Totoro on the side of the store, so travel down the red brick road of Mosaic to find him and take a picture with your favorite neighbor! There are many other unique stores to visit, and at the end of the road a beautiful view of Kobe awaits you. It's a must visit site!

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Erika Clark

Erika Clark @erika.clark

Hello, My name is Erika and I am a Japanese American currently studying in Long Beach State University. CA. I was born and raised in Kobe Japan untill I was 15 and am fluent in both English and Japanese. I find that Japan has so much to offer and hope to share my experiences with you as I explore and discover new favorite spots! Thank you for reading :)