Aho Ren: Dancing Group of Awa Odori

Try to find your favorite dance group

By Naoko Takeuchi    - 1 min read

One of the most famous bon dance festivals is the Awa odori in Tokushima. People living in Tokushima sense the coming of summer when they hear the rhythms of Awa odori.

Dancers form groups called Ren and each group has it own unique dancing form, costume and music style. There are various Rens; Famous Rens, Cooperative Rens, University Rens and so on. Try to find your favorite group when you see Awa Odori.

Aho Ren is my favorite group; they perform in Tokushima Castle. This group has been performing since 1948, preserving the traditional style. Their dance in rhythms of duple meter is powerful and elegant. We can see their dance at the Awa Odori Kaikan even during the off season.

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Naoko Takeuchi

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