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Shikoku Pilgrimage No. 6&7 Temples

Visiting No. 6 and 7 temples on foot

The “Henro-michi (pilgrim's path)” leaves the fifth temple, and goes through a quiet residential area. The sixth temple (Anraku-ji Temple) is 5.3 km away from the fifth. And a further 1.2 km walk takes you to the seventh temple (Juraku-ji Temple). Enjoy the walk!

For me, the most important and enjoyable part of the pilgrimage are probably the walks from temple to temple. You can feel the nature and culture of Shikoku Island. Off course, good local food, too.

People in Shikoku treat pilgrims in formal wear well. They sometimes offer food and/or drinks. Some of them may even offer an inn room for free. This act is called "Osettai" in Shikoku.