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A Virtual Tour of Villages in Nature: Akiruno and Hinohara 2022

Stunning Tokyo destinations that are out of a fairytale book

Venue: Akiruno, Tokyo, Japan When: Sunday - Jan 23rd 2022

Skyscrapers that glitter like illuminated diamonds at night, flashing lights and loud cityscape sounds—these are some of the sights and sounds that people expect upon their visit to Tokyo. But what if there was another side to this bustling metropolis—one full of magical natural landscapes and people steeped in history—wouldn’t you want to see this other side of Tokyo?

Welcome to Akiruno and Hinohara, where there is nature, history, culture, and so much more—all in the western side of Tokyo.

Escape the bright and boisterous as you explore these two provincial towns in Tokyo on this fascinating virtual event taking place on January 23, 2022, from 13:00 to 14:00. Become familiar with the lasting vestiges of what was the Edo-period Musashi Province and has changed to Akiruno City and Hinohara Village.

Akiruno City

Reaching Akiruno City takes less than one hour from central Tokyo and, as soon as you arrive, you are greeted by overwhelmingly beautiful nature. Lush trees blanket the hills and a clear river cuts through the valley—it’s as if all of nature conspired to create an idyllic getaway. No doubt that autumn is Akiruno’s best season. The rich palette of vibrant colors paints the valley in a way sure to take your breath away.

Hinohara Village

Not to be outdone by Akiruno, Hinohara is a gorgeous village with verdant nature and crystalline streams to boot. As the last remaining village of Tokyo, the passion of Hinohara’s people has been passed down from generation to generation. The people’s zeal for life and joy can be felt throughout the village and is especially noticeable at their many annual festivals.

Tour Highlights

January 23, 2022 (Sun) 13:00–14:00

13:00 - Opening and introductions

13:05 - Akiruno City / Hinohara Village

13:15 - Temple cafe of Hinohara Village introduction

13:20 - Akiruno City introduction / silk-making experience

13:25 - Hinohara Village ryokan introduction

13:35 - Hinohara Village Urayama cycling experience

13:45 - Q&A with a local guide

13:55 - Tour close

About TCVB and Tamashima Tokyo

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Justin Velgus 2 years ago
I know nothing about the islands of Tokyo even after living here 10 years! This looks like a great way to learn.
Kim 2 years ago
Looks like a great itinerary, I'm looking forward to seeing the silk-making experience and the ryokan!

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