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Akihabara at Night

Another one of Tokyo's many jewels

To me, Tokyo at night is the most exciting place in the world, easily. It's a pure, electronic, photogenic ball of light. It has so many areas that explode into color and life when darkness arrives on the scene, one of which is Akihabara, another jewel to add to Tokyo's vast treasure of riches.

Here is a place overflowing with radiance: lights, anime billboards, orange, yellow, black, and green taxis, plus gleaming buildings. It's also an area full of sound: music, souped-up cars, trains, and people walking, talking, and rushing over crossings.

In the day it's addictive, at night it's intoxicating, and the heart of anime culture in Japan beats faster, filling its street-like veins with electric light. Akihabara is awesome.

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