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Bunkyo Cherry Blossom Festival 2025

A lively celebration without the large crowds

Venue: Harima Slope When: Late Mar - Early Apr 2025

With barely any land to utilize, the citizens of Bunkyo Ward in Tokyo have decided to take advantage of every single blade of grass available in their neighborhood.

Between two of Bunkyo's busiest roads lies Harima Slope, a famous hill lined with dozens of gorgeous cherry blossom trees. Every spring the local government shuts down the roads and lets visitors enjoy the sights. The area becomes an instant pedestrian mall with young families admiring the trees and eating snacks from food stands. It's a bit comical watching people try to pack together under the little dabs of earth strewn throughout Harima Slope, but it definitely contains a local charm unlike any other festival I've been to.

While tens of thousands of tourists flock to more famous places like Ueno Park to celebrate the cherry blossoms, Bunkyo's cherry blossom festival is a low-key party for the locals with quirks and charm that shouldn't be missed. Skip the crowds and instead take a leisurely stroll down Harima Slope.

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Justin Velgus 9 years ago
Now that winter has come, I am already hoping for the first signs of spring with the cherry blossoms!

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