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Fallen Sakura on the Meguro River

Fallen cherry blossom petals floating in the river

The Meguro River is one of the top spots for sakura viewing in Tokyo. As everyone well knows, the cherry blossom blooming season is short—and that's part of the attraction and longtime admiration that Japanese hold for this beautiful flower. Spring this year arrived early to Tokyo. By the time of my planned visit, the cherry viewing was mostly over in the city center, with blossoms replaced by fresh green leaves.

I knew this and had little hope, but still hopped in a taxi right off the plane and went to see what was going on in Meguro. Yes, the blossoms were over, but I was rewarded with another beautiful sight: fallen blossoms in the river. It's quite magical and worth seeing in its own right.

So, for those who, like me, missed the cherry blossom season by just a little bit, going to the Meguro River can still provide a rewarding experience.

Getting there

Get off at Nakameguro Station and walk towards the river.


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