Haneda's New Year Edo Festival

Haneda Airport welcomes the New Year in Edo era style

Venue: Haneda Airport When: Early Jan 2025

To welcome the New Year, Haneda Airport is hosting a unique, unmissable event: the Haneda Edo festival, recreating the era of Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. Between January 1st and 3rd you can enjoy different events on the theme of the Edo period.

One event is the twice-daily rice cake pounding: using old-fashioned mortar and pestle you can experience Mochitsuki (pounding boiled rice into mochi). There are also must-see Samurai and Geisha shows, with a Samurai parade, choreographed swordfights, ninjas, and beautiful geisha dances in modern arrangements.

Other street performers will appear around the airport: you'll meet balloon performers, traditional lion dancers, buskers, traditional bands, and acrobatic groups.

Even children can enjoy the spirit of the Edo Era through traditional craft experiences, as several workshops will be held for both adults and children. You can make some items used by the warlords of of Japan, paint your own Daruma Doll, make Ninja scrolls using Japanese calligraphy, take part in a stamp rally, and even enjoy a Find the Missing Person game.

In a picture corner you can take fun photos using a full range of face panels, kimonos and umbrellas. Then if you post the pictures on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, you can win prizes.

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