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Illuminated Sakura

The night time viewing of the cherry blossoms

"Sakura", the popular and well-loved cherry blossoms, are the essence of Japan and a representation of the stages of life: the beginning, the beautiful experience, and the end. People from all over the world come to view the sakura, but many don’t know there is more than just a daytime stroll in the park. The illuminated sakura at night are nothing short of enchanting.

This is called "yozakura", the night viewing of the sakura. In some locations, the illuminations are part of an event. I had the joy of seeing the Midtown Blossom 2017 Event in Roppongi, a city in the district of Minato, Tokyo. The trees were lit with not only street lights, but also with colored lights to enhance and highlight the beauty of the trees. While strolling through Midtown, I saw the beautiful spell the yozakura casted on the many couples, families, and photographers. This is yet another reason to love Japan.

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