Inokashira Park in Kichijoji

Includes: lake, boating, hiking, and street performers

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Inokashira Park is located in Kichijoji. The park is known for its lake and surrounding cherry blossom trees. You can visit the park all year around and enjoy boating on the lake, or hike around the lake.

On weekends, the park attracts street performers and a flea market that sets up shop between 10am–5pm. One can find various antiques for sale, with artists display their paintings and sculptures. However, the most interesting thing is to watch the various street performances along the edge of the lake.

Getting there

Take the JR Chuo line from Shinjuku or Inokashira line from Shibuya to Kichijoji. Once at the station, take park exit and follow the crowds down the shopping street to the park.

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