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Kichijoji Midori no Sushi

Dinner time experience at this lively eatery

Every midday, queues start to form in sushi restaurants across the city—with all eyes gazing over the appealing selection of lunch sets. Despite being good value, the hasty sensation of eating during lunch break can be unpleasant sometimes. Why not sushi for dinner then?

Midori no Sushi Kichijoji is one to consider. Its spirited ambiance is said to represent the identity of Kichijoji over dinner time here, with young adults and salarymen crowding the restaurant. They are certainly lively as they’ll be eating with an after-work mood. But most importantly, your choice of meal will not be limited by the value sets only. You’ll have more time to browse every single menu, ask the chefs for their recommended pieces, and ultimately, feast on a richer experience of eating sushi.

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