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Meguro Ward's Otori Shrine

No big bird here, just a peaceful atmoshpere

Otori Shrine is a shrine located in the Meguro ward of Tokyo. While it does have an interesting but complicated history involving an emperor taking a rest stop after quelling some eastern barbarians, a serious eye infection that is magically healed through the power of prayer, and some birds, you won't need to know that to enjoy the view.

If you are particularly inclined to, you can decipher the Japanese and learn more about the various festivals and purification services on the official website.

Although the name of the shrine is Otori (大鳥 'big bird') you won't find any of those here. The name is borrowed from historical documents and an ancestor's family crest design. You will, however, find attractive greenery in the city.

Getting there

Finding the shrine is easy as it is on a corner of an intersection about a 10-15 minute walk from Meguro Station. You'll pass right by it on your way to the Meguro Parasitological Museum​ just minutes away.

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