Peko Cise Tokachi Ohira Kitchen [Closed]

Ohira beef brings a touch of Hokkaido to Tokyo

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The location on this page has been reported permanently closed.

Last updated: Aug 27, 2019

New to the Kamiyamacho district between Shibuya and Yoyogi Park, Peko Cise (ペコシセ) arrived on the Tokyo gourmet scene in November 2017, showcasing Ohira beef from the Tokachi region of Hokkaido.

Known for its taste over fatty appearance associated with more mainstream wagyu beef, Tokachi Ohira beef can be tried in multiple forms here, including jewel-inspired beef dishes as well as an impressive lineup of Hokkaido-inspired appetisers and side dishes.

Borrowing the Ainu words for 'cow' and 'home', Peko Cise offers an exciting lineup of dishes based on Ohira beef – a crossbreed of Kuroge and Holstein cattle, known for its versatility and offering great balance of flavour and fat.

Perhaps the highlight here is the 'jewel' like beef offerings, the Jewel Meat and Jewel Hamburg. Based on the local butadon pork bowl dishes of Obihiro in the Tokachi region, the meat here is coated in a rich caramel-based glaze that once set lends the beef a luxurious, jewel-like yet crisp exterior, that adds a gentle sweet contrast to the Ohira beef waiting within. This modern take on a thoroughly nostalgic, local dish is served alongside three sauces to add to the experience: red wine and truffle, red paprika, and parsley with mustard.

Jewel Hamburg (Photo: Peco Cise)
Jewel Hamburg (Photo: Peco Cise)

Try the Tokachi Ohira Beef Fillets (¥1,780 exc tax) served with a demi-glace sauce, or the firewood-grilled steak of Ohira beef served with salt, salsa verde and Balsamic vinegar for the chance to try several different taste combinations. Even the sides pack a Ohira-inspired punch, from the stewed beef augmented potato salad, to the steak tartare with Lea & Perrins' Sauce accent.

Tokachi Ohira Beef (Photo: Peco Cise)
Tokachi Ohira Beef (Photo: Peco Cise)

While these dinner options know no bounds, lunch provides a limited yet classic line-up of beef-inspired options. Available to takeaway or at the second floor eat-in corner between 11:00–15:00, why not try the Roast Beef Bowl (Ohira beef over rice), Lasagne or Hamburg set, amongst other options – all available for ¥800 inc tax.

Tokachi Ohira Roast Beef Bowl (Photo: Peco Cise)
Tokachi Ohira Roast Beef Bowl (Photo: Peco Cise)

Getting there

Peko Cise is a 6 minute walk south of Yoyogi-Koen Station – exit 2 is the closest.

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