Kisenosato performing a ritual dance in his role as yokozuna (Photo: 江戸村のとくぞう / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Special Exhibition: The 72nd Yokozuna Kisenosato

Japan's sumo hero on show

Apr 23rd
Jun 14th
Kisenosato performing a ritual dance in his role as yokozuna (Photo: 江戸村のとくぞう / CC BY-SA 4.0)
Venue: Ryogoku Kokugikan When: Apr 23rd - Jun 14th 2019

The Tokyo Grand Sumo May Tournament is paying homage to the ever popular Japanese grand champion Kisenosato.

A huge fan favourite, Kisenosato was the first Japanese-born wrestler to earn the sport's highest rank of yokozuna in almost 20 years. As a yokozuna, Kisenosato won his first tournament but in the process suffered what would eventually become a career ending injury.

Kisenosato's never-say-die-attitude kept him in the spotlight for almost 2 more years but eventually the toll on his body proved too much and he retired in January 2019.

The Sumo Museum, located in the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, is a small but memorabilia-filed bastion of history and is featuring items from Kisenosato's career. Ceremonial swords, yokozuna rope belts, photography, video footage and more will be on display until mid-June.

The Sumo Museum is open to all everyday and is free except during Tokyo tournament times when it is only accessible to those with a ticket to the tournament.

Getting there

Take the JR Sobu Line to Ryogoku Station. The world of sumo is right there as you step out of the West Exit. Otherwise, take the Oedo Subway Line to Ryogoku Station, where you'll have to walk a few minutes from the A4 Exit.

More info

Find out more about Ryogoku Kokugikan.

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