Tsukemen Tetsu

A dipped ramen that should not be missed

By Odilia Sindy Okinawati    - 1 min read

Have you ever tried dipped ramen? My friend who's a ramen fan recommended Tetsu, and with ‎‎¥800 I tried a style of ramen I've never tasted before, tsukemen.

Normally, ramen noodles are served in a bowl with the broth. But with tsukemen, the noodles and broth are separate. The noodles are kept cool, maintaining their firmness, until you are ready to dip them in the thick, rich broth and taste their deliciousness.

Here, your broth will never get cold. Tetsu offers yaki-ishi, or hot stones, to put directly into the broth to keep it hot throughout your meal. Just ask for one; they’re free!

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Original by Odilia Sindy Okinawati