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Discover the best cycling routes around Japan.

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Two unfit men conquer a cycling course around Kyoto titled "Single Ladies Course" in a guide book.
A friendly cycling tour along the beautiful Amaharashi coastline
Cycling around the lake and visiting the park in Kawaguchiko Town.
This is one of the most beautiful parts of Japan to explore by bicycle. The natural scenery is a bit like the coast between Naples and Sorrento or French Riviera, but with Japanese trees and architecture.
Part of the charm of visiting an old town like Kakunodate is to slow down to the pace of life here. When you put off the stresses of urban life and breathe in the mountain air, you can sense the peace and tranquility of the old houses and gardens that dot this town.
Cycling from Kyoto to Nara in early September offers great countryside and river views. The best route follows the road beside Keihan Nara Line.
Path along the edge of Lake Biwa from Hama-Otsu to Ishiyama has great views over the water.