Things to Do in Gifu

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If you're visiting Gifu, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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The Battle of Sekigahara

The Battle of Sekigahara in modern day Gifu Prefecture, fought between East and West Japan on October 21, 1600, was history’s bloodiest and most decisive samurai field battle.

Summertime in Shirakawago

Nestled in the Ono district of Gifu Prefecture, this quaint traditional village that has been marked as one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage sites is easily accessible from Takayama City. The main attraction of the village lies in its gassho-zukuri (a traditional building style) farmhouses but besides that, the colourful summertime blooms and interesting-looking scarecrows further bring out the beauty of Shirakawago.


Magome-juku, in modern day Nakatsugawa City, was the 43rd station on the Nakasendo, a post road that connected Edo (Tokyo) to Kyoto through the center of Honshu.

Gujo Hachiman Castle

Perched on a mountain overlooking Gujo City, Gujo-Hachiman Castle has been called the most beautiful mountain castle in Japan

Gifu Castle, Park and Ropeway

Gifu castle and Ropeway provides a marvelous view of Gifu City and the Naragarawa River from the top of Mt. Kinka. It was from this perch that Nobunaga tried to unify all of Japan.