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Autumn at Mt. Daisen's Beech Forest

Magical forests in golden hue in the beautiful mountain

The best place to see the vermilion colors of Mt. Daisen is either from Kimendai Observation Deck or from Kagikake Mountain Pass Observation Deck. However, if you arrive late you won't be able to find a parking space. I arrived at Kagikake Mountain Pass Observation Deck before sunrise, but I had to give up going to the other observation deck. This spot is especially popular during autumn foliage season. After I arrived, I waited patiently for the sunrise to come, and slowly, the sky in the east began to turn white, and it became brighter and brighter by the minute. Just in front of me, the jagged rocky surface of the mountain was little by little brought into shape, and halfway down, the mountain was dressed up in multi-colored autumn leaves. What an amazing sight! (Photos were taken on November 6th, 2011)

Nature of Mt.Daisen and Mt. Hiruzen at Daisen-Oki National Park 1. Diamond Sun Rising from Mt. Daisen 2. Autumn at Mt. Daisen's Beech Forest 3. Beautiful Gorge of Mt. Daisen

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