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Roasted Pork Ramen in Tokyo

Roasted Pork Ramen in Tokyo


In this video, Brian uncovers insider info about roasted pork ramen: Char siu ramen! Brian is joined by Rina at "Nikujiru-Ramen..

Tokyo 1
Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu

Tomoko Kamishima

Lake Mashu: We Japanese call it “The foggy lake of Mashu.” But what luck! We can see the entire lake in this video! 

Hokkaido 6
Hanamaki Deer Dancers

Hanamaki Deer Dancers

Malcome Larcens

Hanamaki Deer Dancers, with over 400 years of history, the Hanamaki festival is one of the best festivals in North Eastern Japan

Iwate 3
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