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Tonami Tulip Fair 2015

An amazing array of colors

Tonami Tulip Fair is the most breath taking display of Tulips in Japan. With over two million tulip plants arranged in many different shapes, the fair is dubbed as the largest of its kind in Japan. This event is for everyone to enjoy providing many different performances including a fashion show, mini shinkansen ride and lots more.

Tonami Tulip Fair 2025

Tonami Tulip Fair 2025

Late Apr - Early May

600 varieties and over 2 million tulip plants are on display at the Tonami Tulip Fair.

5 Free Entry

The Tulip Park was opened on April 23rd to May 6th this year. The fair is located in the Toyama Prefecture. An entry fee is charged. Adults pay 1000yen and the kids fee is 300yen. If you take the train, you can get discount coupons at the station and upon paying, foreigners get a nice little gift. The tulip fair is definitely one to see!

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Elena Lisina 7 years ago
Fantastic place! In Japan I always visit flower festivals. Wonderful video! Thanks!
Yuta Yamazaki 9 years ago
So beautiful Tulips‼
Michael Mighty Videographer 9 years ago
Yes they were.
Jonathan Acabo 9 years ago
Wow... am astounded! I have never heard of this before.. Thank you for the wonderful video.
Michael Mighty Videographer 9 years ago
Thank you Jonathan.

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