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Exploring Kawaguchiko

Fuji-san spotting by bicycle

When you're in Kawaguchiko, one obvious thing you wanna see will definitely be Fuji-san. However, this place has more to offer than just Fuji-san! Another great experience Kawaguchiko town offers is cycling around the lake. people may think that even though it's the biggest among the Five Fuji Lakes, it shouldn't take that long to cycle around. WRONG! it took me almost half a day to cycle around the lake (you will want to stop for photos every now and then!) You can also visit Kawaguchiko Park. I'm pretty sure the park is more lively in Autumn, or Spring, but when you visit the park in the winter, it does give you a different vibe, which you can still enjoy! it's a little bit far from the train station, but still reachable by bicycle.

Well, I will just let the photos do the talking for the rest of the exploration. Feel free to ask me anything that you want to clarify about this place.

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