Lake Yamanaka Fireworks Festival 2024

Huge blossoms of fire at the foot of Mount Fuji

Venue: Lake Yamanaka When: Early Aug 2024

The Japanese word for firework is hanabi. Hana means 'flower' and bi means 'fire'. On 1st of August I went to see flowers of fire blooming in the firework festival at Lake Yamanaka. Before the fireworks I saw a beautiful sunset with Mount Fuji reflected in the lake. As the light faded, small torches made of drink cans were lit all along the lakeside. Barges carrying the fireworks were towed into the lake. Finally the show began at 8 o'clock, and for a brief hour huge fire-flowers bloomed at four different points around the lake.

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Find out more about Lake Yamanaka.

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Olga 8 years ago
Cool! I liked the pics 6, 8 and 16!
Cathy Cawood Author 8 years ago
Thanks, Olga! I think the dandelion clock is my personal favorite.

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