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Mount Fuji Activities

More than just a mountain

When there's a mountain, you'll find at least one vending machine and a convenience store at its foot. But when it appears to be a big mountain, you'll find at least a theme park, a ninja village and a lot of other greatness. In this article you'll find all the information you need for various activities from adventure to relaxation around the great Mount Fuji.

When approaching by train or bus, you already have the privilege of seeing this wonderful mountain on your right. But when you look left, you'll discover a ninja village, a lot of rollercoasters, and beautiful nature. It is not just Mount Fuji you can enjoy when visiting Yamanashi prefecture.

In October 2015 a true Ninja Village (Oshino Ninja, ¥700 entrance) opened at the foot of Mount Fuji. There's a lot to explore for people of all ages who are interested in ninjas or the history of Japan. And even if there's no urge to acquire ninja knowledge, you can enjoy a beautiful garden which unfolds itself differently in every season of the year. Ninja Village offers a trick house (Karakuri Yashiki) where you'll experience clever ways of fooling intruders, and if this tactic doesn't work, you can practice your skills with ninja throwing stars at the Oshino Shuriken Dojo.

After enjoying a walk through the garden again, and maybe cooling your feet in a foot bath with a view of Mount Fuji, you can try a local traditional meal such as soba and tofu (¥2500) in the restaurant. To complete your visit, don't forget to drop by the souvenir shop, since you'll find a lot of useful tools and gadgets on the ninja theme. There's no English website available yet, but in the park itself the information is provided in English.

When still a bit hungry in the afternoon with your stomach longing for some sweets, La ville de Lisa et Gaspard might be a remedy. Just near the entrance of Fuji Q Highland, Les Reves Salon de The provides a full scale French high tea, from macarons to mini sandwiches or just delicious chocolate. For just ¥2500, two people can enjoy an afternoon tea set with Hediard tea leaves and enough sweetness in a beautiful French themed restaurant, with all the seats facing Mount Fuji. It seems like you can have it all.

After a visit to the Fujiyama Museum (¥1000 entrance) just aside the French Village, you can fully calm down at the Fujiyama Onsen (¥1250) just near the exit of the museum. If this was not enough, you can spend your night at the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa to continue more activities the next day, such as walking the Fujiyama Sky Balcony, a 50 meter high walk along the edge of the hotel roof, with of course a nice panorama of Mount Fuji. This asks for more adrenaline, so a visit to Fuji-Q Highland, a theme park with some extreme and unique rollercoasters, would be a suitable addition to an adventurous day.

These were just some exciting highlights of the highlands near Mount Fuji. But Fuji Kyuko, the firm that provides activities near the mountain, has a lot more to offer. Visit their English website for more information about the possibilities.

Transportation is possible by train to Kawaguchiko station, the last stop on the Fuji Kyūko Line. This line also provides perfect access to all the activities near Mount Fuji. Also several buses run from Tokyo to the Mount Fuji area. You can find all transportation information on the website.

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