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Nagannu Island is an extremely beautiful, uninhabited island located a short 20 min ferry ride from the Naha city in mainland Okinawa.
If you are looking for a place to really get away from hustle and bustle of Okinawa and you are not planning on a luxury vacation, Zamami Island is the place to be.
Think of Okinawa and images of sandy, white beaches and of sub-tropical flowers spring to mind. This is exactly what you will find on Ishigaki Island.
Taketomi is an island in the south of Okinawa. The island is only accessible via boat from Ishigaki island and really is a peaceful, undeveloped get away.
The bike ride from Ieura Port to remote south coast takes less than an hour on an electric bicycle. Once you leave the township, there is only one road that snakes through the tree studded hills. Soon the trees fall away and a beautiful vista opens up. You can see kites circling over the wind currents on one side, while keeping an eye for the odd deserted temple on the other side. The roadside strawberry stalls and art installations will conspire to slow you down, and unlike the minibuses that circle the island, you can stop and take it all in, as many times as you like.
Castaway on a tropical island in Okinawa... or at least the illusion of.