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Area:4,132.32 sq. km

Being a major port for foreign trade, the only place open to an outside country (the Netherlands) during Japan’s period of seclusion from 1633 to 1853, and the site of a major American naval base in Sasebo, Nagasaki is an amalgamation of Japanese and foreign culture. Its famous dishes are non-Japanese - Portuguese castella cakes, Chinese chanpon noodles, and the American Sasebo burger.

Outside influences can also be seen in Nagasaki’s tourist sites. The Glover Garden and Oura Church (the oldest church in Japan) are two prime examples of Western architecture in Japan, while the popular Huis Ten Bosch theme park is modeled after the Netherlands.

However, one look at the Kujuku Islands, Sofuku-ji, or Tenkaiho is enough to remind you of Japan’s beauty. The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park serve as powerful memorials of the tragedy that befell Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

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Fukusai-ji Temple

Remarkable, with history at its core

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The Magic of Huis Ten Bosch

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Early Evening on Nagasaki Harbor

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Fukusai-ji Temple

Remarkable, with history at its core

This location speaks volumes about the need to know the background story. If I was to pass a rather weird looking turtle-shaped concrete temple, I doubt I'd be stimulated to wander in. And yet, knowing...

Tenkaiho Park and Sunset, Nagasaki

Blue ocean of the East China Sea and beautiful sunset

Nurain Thank you very much! A bus to Tenkaihou leaves in front of Sasebo Station. January is very cold! You should keep yourself warm. I hope you are able to watch splendid Tenkaihou.

Kingdom of Flowers & Lights

Magical light-up on New Year's Day at Huis Ten Bosch

I will definitely visit it one day! :)

Nagasaki's Great Buddhist Cemetery

Cemetery on mountain stretches along for over a mile

This is how happy smiling Buddha