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On The Giant Tug of War of Daisen 23 hours ago
The tug of war events are huge in Japan. In Okinawa they have one in the summer, like you said.
On Paper Balloon Festival in Senboku 3 days ago
The folk in Akita are very versatile when it comes to rice. From kiritanpo to paper glue, their versatility shines through. Thanks for sharing...
On Our Lady of Akita Catholic Church 5 days ago
Great to hear that you are interested in coming to Akita on 24 March. I am not there then, but if you are interested in a paid guide please...
On Toritetsu Yakitori 5 days ago
Great find Michael, and I love your sense of humour!
On Zauo 5 days ago
What a shame, it could have been a lot more fun! I am glad you went though!