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On Zauo a week ago
Have a great trip Michael! Hope to hear about your experience and see your photos when you are back!
On Kyoto Rakushikan 3 weeks ago
A light and easy to carry gift from here is washi. Here, you can feel and breathe the spirit of this 1500 year old art of Japanese paper making....
On Amanohashidate to Kobe by Train 3 weeks ago
This scenic trip takes between 175 and 230 minutes, depending on whether you take the local or limited express train. The cost is between 5480...
On Celebrate Winter in Akita 3 weeks ago
Yes! Authentic tradition and celebration is the essence of cool!
On Kobe Central Church a month ago
Thanks Victoria! It is amazing in Japan that you can walk past some places and not realize the incredible stories that lie behind those doors....