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On Media (and Cat) Cafe Popeye, Numazu a week ago
I visited again on New Year's Day 2017. Shimon and Tama are still employed there with new juniors. Visitors who draw pictures of the cats receive...
On Enoshima 6 months ago
I certainly did! I hope to go again someday.
On Fire bomBAR, Osaka City a year ago
Sure is! I'm not even into Macross so much but I love going there. Are you a fan?
On Kishigawa Line, Wakayama a year ago
The beloved Ultra Station Master Tama passed away on June 22, 2015. She was sixteen years old. She will never be forgotten.
On Nyaramachi Neko Art Festival a year ago
Thank you for your comment. When I first heard about this festival last year it had already ended, so I made sure to go this year.