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Tadake Falls

Tadake Falls

Jannine Myers

River trek and rock climbing that winds around a bend and halts at the bottom of a magnificent waterfall

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Okinawa's Northern Coast 6

Okinawa's Northern Coast

Kim B

Okinawa's Northern Coast has some spectacular beaches, and Okuma is one of the best. Crystal clear water, minimal crowds, and..

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Paantu Festival in Okinawa

Paantu Festival in Okinawa

Early Oct

Okinawa's Miyakojima island celebrates the Paantu festival – an ancient form of exorcism involving supernatural creatures,..

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Okinawa Odyssey

Okinawa Odyssey

Bonson Lam

Okinawa is a kaleidoscope of colours, from the aquamarine seas to the vivid reds and indigos of its Bingata textiles. It is al..

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