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All of your travel dreams come true much closer than you think in Minakami Town in northern Gunma.
The wisteria tunnels and surrounding gardens of Kawachi Fuji-en draw flower enthusiasts from around the world each spring to Kitakyushu in the south of Japan.
A scenic wonder of northern Kyushu, the limestone plateau of Hiraodai provides an otherworld landscape with ample hiking, caving, camping, birding, and family outing opportunities throughout the four seasons.
Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the Fuji Five Lakes surrounding Mount Fuji in southern Yamanashi Prefecture. It is the most easily accessible lake out of the Fuji Five Lake region, with Kawaguchiko Station just beside it and buses running to the station as well.
The Tokyo Wan Ferry is a car ferry operator servicing Kanagawa Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture. It’s a 40-minute cruise that crosses Tokyo Bay from Kurihama Port to Kanaya Port offering scenic views of the ocean, peninsula, and sunset. Discover some exciting attractions in the Boso Peninsula of Chiba today!
Take an open air ride through the mountains west of Kyoto and take in the forested ravines and rapids
The Fuji Rock Festival is one of the best outdoor music festivals of summer in Japan. Amazing music in the mountains. This short guide gives you the basics you need to sort out your tickets, transportation and accommodation.
Zao Mountain - Trekking across a volcanic landscape in summer and skiing in winter, plus winding down in hotspring waters.