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On Tips for Seeing a Baseball Game 11 months ago
Yah I was surprised that their English website did not include any of the rules and instructions, so I hoped my research can help out some other...
On Thai Tourism to Takeoff in Tohoku a year ago
That is good news! I am also glad to see that tourism has actually increased since the earthquake.
On Odaiba a year ago
Thank you for the information! I am looking into travelling to Odaiba during one of my trips to Tokyo in November. It is nice to know some background...
On Make Soba Noodles From Scratch a year ago
I can't recommend it enough! At several different spots along the way I just stopped and enjoyed the scenery for a bit.
On Make Soba Noodles From Scratch a year ago
I didn't eat the whole thing, but I recommend at least nibbling it! It pairs quite well with the soup base, which naturally soaks into it.