Akamatsu's Unique Firework Festival

A traditional festival using blow tubes for fireworks

Venue: Akamatsu Shrine When: Tuesday - Oct 8th 2024

While fireworks are generally thought of as being something to admire as they explode in the night sky, the traditional Akamatsu Fireworks Festival in Tokushima brings you something unique.

The origin of this festival dates back to the Edo period and is held at Akamatsu shrine in October. This temple is located in Tokushima Prefecture in the Akamatsu Region which stretches from Hiwasae to the mountains.

Each region approaches the shrine to pray for a good harvest and safety for their families and present the fireworks as an offering.

Event Report

In 2015, 11 blowpipes (which are used to set off the fireworks) were dedicated to the shrine. Using iron powder, the fireworks erupt from the blowpipes and shower down in a beautiful array of sparks. This type of fireworks, which require bravery to handle due to proximity of the sparks, are placed in the hands of each regions' youth to carry around. Occasionally the fireworks explode so forcefully that the sparks reach the spectators' seats.


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Justin Velgus 7 years ago
Cool! My image of blowpipe is shooting a dart from the mouth. I am not sure what to call these. Maybe tubes, or hand-held mortars/cannons?!
Yoshifumi Hara Author 7 years ago
Thank you Justin-san. Japanese name of these fireworks is "FUKI-ZUTSU". FUKI means blow, and ZUTSU means pipe. So, blowing pipe is not wrong. But, yes. Tube can be appropriate.
Yoshifumi Hara Author 7 years ago
Thank you Victoria-san!