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Aman Tokyo: Luxury Hotel in Tokyo

Treat yourself to a stay at a metropolitan hotel

I finally had the opportunity to stay at Aman Tokyo, a luxury hotel that I had wanted to visit at least once in my lifetime.

The hotel is located outside of the Otemachi Station central tickets gates on the Tozai Line. If you climb the short flight of stairs / escalators by the Otemori (shopping area) and Mizuho bank, you will see a supermarket, Seijouishii (成城石井), on your right. Take the long escalator directly in front it. You will see a sign for the hotel as you step off the escalators.

If you continue straight from the escalators, that will be the entrance to Aman Tokyo, although it is quite small so keep an eye out.

As soon as you walk through the doors, staff will enthusiastically greet you, as is typical of Japanese customer service.

Then you will take the elevator near the entrance up to the lobby on the 33rd floor. There, you will see a stunning flower arrangement to greet you.

When I visited, it was right in the season for gorgeous flowers. The high-ceiling gave a spacious feeling to the lobby and a wonderful smell filled the room.

The guest rooms are all inspired by real Japanese dwellings. They are built from Japanese materials such as wood, Japanese paper, and stone. The hotel is so peaceful and serene that time seems to slow down.

The guest rooms are as follows:

Aman Suite - This 157-square meter room offers a stunning view of the Imperial Palace Gardens.

Corner Suite - A satisfactory 121-square meter room with a living room and bedroom offering a view of the city.

Suite - A 141-square meter room with a separate bedroom, pantry, living room, and dining room.

Premium Room - An 80-square meter room overlooking Tokyo Sky Tree with an entranceway and boasting a spacious bathroom.

Deluxe Palace Garden View - A 71-square meter room offering a panoramic view of Tokyo and the Imperial Palace Gardens on the top floor.

Deluxe Room - A 71-square meter room offering great views and the entry level of top class rooms available.

On this trip, I had the pleasure of spending a number of days enjoying the stunning views in the 71-square meter Deluxe Room.

As a note, the weekend prices at the hotel are more than 1.5 times the amount of weekday prices.

I enjoyed a relaxing bath in the Japanese-style tub, sinking into the sweet smell of Yuzu, a Japanese citron fruit. I also got my fill of the splendid views of Tokyo.

The amenities were also nothing to complain about. More shampoo, conditioner and shower gel than you could possibly use in a week. Body cream that leaves a wonderful, lingering scent. I really enjoyed it all.

Overnight guests can also enjoy a fitness gym equipped with the latest equipment, a public bathing area, and a 30-meter pool.

My whole stay was pure bliss. There is no doubt I made splendid memories that I will never forget at Aman Tokyo. Whether you are spending time with loved ones or treating yourself, get a taste of top-class luxury at Aman Tokyo.

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