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All of your travel dreams come true much closer than you think in Minakami Town in northern Gunma.
View our Japan Travel guide to the top five things to do in Hyogo Prefecture
Eight cities and towns in the Harima Province will eventually be connected with cycling routes in the hope of promoting cycling tourism in the local area.
In Chiba, Sakura City Municipal Organization Enforcement hosts the Sakura Tulip Festa in the month of April. A field of endless red, yellow and blush colored tulips against a Netherlands windmill backdrop make for a wonderful day with family and friends under the sun. Take full advantage of the farm by touring the windmill, eating local food & drink, bicycle rentals, and sightseeing on the pleasure boat along Lake Inba.
Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the Fuji Five Lakes surrounding Mount Fuji in southern Yamanashi Prefecture. It is the most easily accessible lake out of the Fuji Five Lake region, with Kawaguchiko Station just beside it and buses running to the station as well.
A small island near Kure great for a day trip or a weekend. Interesting wartime history, now offers family fun activities, walks, BBQ areas and cute bunnies everywhere
Cycling and camping on Hokkaido's Rishiri Island; no trip to Wakkanai is complete without a stopover at this remote location.
Blue Moon beach house at Isshiki Beach in Hayama (No. 65 of "World's 100 Best Beaches" by CNN in 2014) is positioned in the center of the crescent overlooking the soft silky sands and into the deep blue horizon. Their dining, music, drinks, rentals, and spa services will take your beach going experience to a whole other level in Japan.