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Cycle Shinagawa

Three cycling routes through downtown Tokyo

Shinagawa Ward in southern Tokyo used to be one of the first stops on the Old Tokaido Road between Tokyo and Kyoto, and as a result has been seen as an important transportation hub ever since. The region holds many surprises, from traditional discoveries, to shopping and nightlife entertainment – and travelling by bicycle can be one of the best ways to explore.

Why cycle in Tokyo?

Cycling in Tokyo is not to be missed – giving you complete freedom to navigate where you want to go. Rental bike schemes are affordable, and often come with electric assist to help you tackle the slopes. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the main tourist sites or rush-hour trains, and discover a quieter, more authentic Tokyo, by exploring the backstreets and a more local side of the city.

How to cycle in Tokyo?

Japan Travel Bike provides immediate access to over 5,000 share bikes around Tokyo, with over 70 bike ports alone to be found in the Shinagawa area. The One Day Passes available allow you to instantly unlock a bike and freely export Shinagawa on two wheels. Users can borrow and return bikes an unlimited number of times.

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Route #1: Cherry Blossom

This route is best experienced during the Spring, when the cherry trees are blossoming in March and April.

Map of the Route

Route Highlights

Spot Duration Things to see
Ebara Shrine 20 min Carved torii gate over river, plum trees
Gogenyama Park 20 min Trains passing by close, including Shinkansen, cherry trees, playground
Gotenyama slope 2 min Cycle downhill, sakura-lined path
Meguro River 20 min Sakura by river banks
Lunch: Bonito Bonito Ramen 30 min Bonito-based broth, delicious chashu
Musashi Koyama shopping arcade 45 min Shopping, food, local experience. More info >
Musashi-Koyama Shimizu-yu Onsen 1 hr Sento price (460), onsen water, 2 indoor baths (cold water, black onsen water), 2 outdoor baths (black and gold onsen water), sauna
The atmosphere of Musashi Koyama
The atmosphere of Musashi Koyama (Photo: Supakarn Sunthonthammas)

Route #2: Art / Coffee

Mix culture with coffee on this route that starts near Shinagawa station.

Map of the Route

Route Highlights

Spot Duration Things to see
Blue Bottle Coffee Shinagawa 30 min Start your day right – wide variety of coffee, view of people milling in and out of Shinagawa station. More >
Hara Museum 30 min Contemporary art. More >
Café d'Art (Hara Museum Cafe) 20 min Coffee, tea, meals, indoor or outdoor seating with a view of a sculpture garden
Jade Ore Museum 30 min Jade bathroom, Sri Lankan tea
O Museum 30 min Exhibits are changed weekly, free admission
Cat Cafe Meooow 1 hr Adoptable rescue cats, ¥1000 per hour
Lunch: Bread & Coffee Ikedayama 1 hr 30 min Bakery with drinks and dine-in space
Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art 1 hr 30 min Eastern fine art, tea ceremony, flower arrangement. More >
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum 1 hr Art Deco residence in Japanese garden, Art Deco exhibits, garden-only admission at ¥200
Kume Museum of Art 30 min Works of father and son, Kunitate (historian) and Keiichiro Kume (pioneering Japanese painter to use the Impressionist style)
Little Happiness Meguro 1 hr Women’s fashion boutique and cafe
Photo: Takumi Ota

Route #3: Historical

Explore the museums and temples of Shinagawa along this circular route.

Map of the Route

Route Highlights

Spot Duration Things to see
Togoshi Park 30 min Well-maintained, traditional garden with a pond donated by a Daimyo, approx 350 years old. More >
Shinagawa Historical Museum 40 min History of Shinagawa Ward and post station, Omori Shell Mound and Jomon history
Site of Suzugamori execution grounds 30 min Execution grounds of criminals, rebels, Christians during Edo, under the Tokugawa shogunate
Lunch: Tachiaigawa Yoshida House 1 hr Soba restaurant with a koi pond
Nihondo Kampo Museum 1 hr 30 min Japanese Kampo Museum, medicinal restaurant, tea, one-seminars 1.5 hr, health products
Sengakuji Temple 45 min Signages on 47 ronin story, graves of 47 ronin, buddhist temple, teahouse. More >
<p>A traditional gate</p>
A traditional gate (Photo: Todd Wojnowski)
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Sébastien Duval 4 years ago
I'd love to get more routes/maps for cycling in Tokyo including vegan spots for big meals or short breaks...
Bonson Lam 4 years ago
The Nihondo Kampo museum offers tasty vegetarian and vegan meals, it is well worth a visit to cafe 10 zen.
Reynald Ventura 4 years ago
I'd like to explore the place on foot, though.
Elizabeth S 4 years ago
I always recommend to visitors that they cycle the city and the suburbs. You get to see the sights, and catch the smells and sounds of the city this way. It’s such a freeing way to explore, and maybe get a bit lost. And it’s relatively safe to ride here.
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