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Round 1 Ginowan City

A seven floor stadium for sports and entertainment

The Round 1 Sports and Entertainment Stadium is like a Dave and Busters - or if you must, a Chuck E. Cheese's - that's seven stories tall, includes 38 bowling lanes, 27 karaoke rooms, a dozen good-sized outdoor sports courts, three restaurants, and several snack bars. Its a great place to let off some steam and have fun for anyone of any age and at any time of the day.

Round 1 can't be missed as it towers above the roadway with a couple of gigantic bowling pins on the Route 58 Bypass just south of Tropical Beach and the Okinawa Convention Center. The top four floors contain Round 1's Spo-Cha all inclusive recreation area for a set fee depending on the amount of time desired. The Spo-Cha area includes table games, ball pits, roller skating, billiards, darts, a mechanical bull, mini motorcycle racing, karaoke rooms, video games, massage chairs, and about a dozen full or large sized tennis, football, golf and basketball courts; a party room is also available free of charge to throw a birthday party for guests that are inside the Spo-Cha. The lower three floors contain a large bowling alley, extensive Karaoke rooms to cater to any sized party, darts, arcade games and skill games for a set fee per activity.

Store hours Monday through Friday are 10:00 ~ 0:600 the following morning; Saturdays the open is at 09:00; Sundays and holidays the open is at 08:00; only the bottom three floors are open after midnight; and children must be out of Round 1 no later than 22:00. I visited at noon on a Friday for 90 minutes in the Spo-Cha which cost 1,500 yen. A membership card would have cut 200 yen off of the visit. Arriving early in the morning or very late at night would have cut the cost by one third. The actual cost during a visit varies widely based upon age, day, time of day, length of stay, and the possession of a membership card. Visit the Round 1 Ginowan City webpage for more details at https://www.round1.co.jp/shop/ryokin/okinawa-ginowan.html.

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