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Teishoku Naritaya

Diverse menu, generous portions

From the outside, Naritaya could easily be mistaken for a chain restaurant. The logo and restaurant facade appear so professionally done it could easily pass as a sister restaurant to Ootoya. But no, there is only one Naritaya and it is located in Ginowan, Okinawa.The inside of the restaurant, though, has a more relaxed, homey feel to it than you would expect in a chain restaurant.

For a restaurant to survive in Okinawa, it has to offer good food that's reasonably priced and with generous portions, or "volume". Naritaya meets all these requirements. The menu is extensive and perfect for families or groups that feel like eating different things. There are curries, stewed items, grilled fish (sanma sourced from Hokkaido and mackarel from Tsukiji), fried items, steak, omu-rice, and Okinawan favorites such as goya champuru.

The curry sets are of particular value. Cooked for two days, the spices continue to release flavor into the oils, thickening into a mix that has a deep, rich flavor unlike curries that are cooked in less time. No matter which curry you pick (chicken, beef, pork, or vegetable), the curry sauce is the same and customers are encouraged to ask for free second helpings of the curry and rice. This unbelievable meal is priced at only ¥790.

If you, like me, have a difficult time choosing what to order, the ¥930 six-dishes set might just be the thing. Mix, match, and select 6 dishes from the 24 offered to go with your rice and soup. I was surprised to see that one of the dishes you could order is black garlic, which is garlic aged over a period of at least two weeks until it becomes blackened and tastes surprisingly sweet. It is purported to have numerous health benefits.

You will need several visits to enjoy all that Naritaya has to offer, but this is exactly the sort of restaurant you will want to come back to.

Getting there

Bus #77 stops at Daiichi Oyama(via Chatan/Goya). Naritaya restaurant is a 4 minute walk from the stop. Ample parking spots are available.


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Elizabeth S 3 years ago
The set looks good for the price. Volume, indeed.