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On Minatogawa Stateside Town 4 years ago

Most likely. So back in the late 40's the area that is Camp Kinser today was an airstrip (if you check out a satellite image in...
On Ryukyu Shinmen Tondou 4 years ago
Great article! It looks like we might have to check this place out with my ramen-loving in-laws this November!
On Bise Village, Okinawa 4 years ago
Your article is wonderful but man do your photos capture the place just beautifully! This is one of the many places on island that I can't help...
On Minatogawa Stateside Town 4 years ago
Very cool find and WOW your timing was fantastic! I have been doing a lot of research on the Makiminato Air Station and now I can't wait to...
On Seaside Ristorante 4 years ago
Italian food. . . . really not my thing but I have to say that these pics looks absolutely mouthwatering! Might have to check this place out!...